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Type: Multiple-Choice
Category: Collecting and Interpreting Data
Level: Grade 7
Standards: 7.SP.A.2
Tags: 7.SP.A.2
Author: AaronBeaudoin
Last Modified: 2 years ago

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Collecting and Interpreting Data Question

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Grade 7 Collecting and Interpreting Data CCSS: 7.SP.A.2

A research team wants to find out how many people in a city were born in the 1970s. If the team surveys 200 people picked at random, and 31 people said they were born in the 1970s, what is the best estimate for how many people in the city were born in the 1970s if the city has a total population of about 600,000 people?
  1. 6,200 people
  2. 600,000 people
  3. 19,355 people
  4. 93,000 people
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