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Type: Multiple-Choice
Category: Pythagorean Theorem and Applications
Level: Grade 10
Standards: HSG-SRT.C.8
Author: nsharp1
Last Modified: 2 months ago

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Pythagorean Theorem and Applications Question

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Grade 10 Pythagorean Theorem and Applications CCSS: HSG-SRT.C.8

Carol is putting in a new backsplash on the wall of her kitchen just above the countertop. It will consist of ceramic tiles in the shape of right isosceles triangles, where the hypotenuse side of the triangle will be along the top of the counter with the right angle sticking up. The corners of the tiles (the acute angles in the triangles) will be placed right next to each other, forming a zigzag patter. The counter is 11 ft long, and she she needs to use 44 complete tiles. After applying the tiles to the wall, she wants to put grout along the top edges of the tiles (the legs of the triangles). If she knows from previous work that she needs about half a pound of grout for every foot of tiling, about how much grout will she need? Round the answer to one decimal place.
  1. 3.9 lb
  2. 7.8 lb
  3. 15.6 lb
  4. 124.4 lb
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