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Type: Multiple-Choice
Category: Other Polygons
Level: Grade 10
Standards: HSG-MG.A.2
Author: nsharp1
Last Modified: 4 days ago

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Grade 10 Other Polygons CCSS: HSG-MG.A.2

Sean is making cards for an upcoming event. The cards will be in the shape of a regular octagon, where there are two octagons attached by one edge. One edge of the octagonal card measures [math]5 \ "cm"[/math]. If the paper density is [math]100 \ "g"//"m"^2[/math], and Sean makes 100 cards, what is the total mass of all the cards, rounded to the nearest gram?
  1. 241 g
  2. 385 g
  3. 483 g
  4. 24,140 g
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