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Type: Multiple-Choice
Category: Volume
Level: Grade 11
Standards: HSG-MG.A.2
Author: nsharp1
Last Modified: a week ago

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Grade 11 Volume CCSS: HSG-MG.A.2

A new house is being built, and part of the roof is flat. The flat section is roughly a regular pentagon, with each side measuring 3 m. In the area the house is being built, they often get snow in the winter, with the maximum snowfall in recent history being 0.4 m. The temperature in the winter varies quite a bit though, so it can be warm when snowing. This results in damp snow, which can have a density of [math]300 \ "kg"//"m"^3[/math]. How much mass, from snow, should the builder anticipate for the flat section of the roof? Round the answer to the nearest kilogram.
  1. 438 kg
  2. 929 kg
  3. 981 kg
  4. 1,858 kg
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