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Type: Multiple-Choice
Category: Volume
Level: Grade 11
Standards: HSG-GMD.A.3, HSG-MG.A.2
Author: nsharp1
Last Modified: a month ago

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Grade 11 Volume CCSS: HSG-GMD.A.3, HSG-MG.A.2

Several maple trees were recently cut. The felled logs were approximately cylinders, 1.5 m in diameter and 6 m long. They were milled on-site into boards. During the milling process, about 15% of the volume of wood from the tree is lost. The density of the wood is [math]673 \ "kg"//"m"^3[/math]. If 16 maple trees were initially cut down, and the trucks that transport the boards can carry up to 18,143 kg, how many truck loads will be required to transport all the boards?
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