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Category: Rocks
Level: Grade 6
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Grade 6 Rocks

Classify as Sedimentary Rock (S), Igneous Rock (I), or Metamorphic Rock (M).

     S      1. They are formed in layers.

     I      2. They are formed from cooled lava.

     M      3. These rocks are formed as the result of heat and pressure.

     S      4. This rock can melt and become igneous rock without ever becoming metamorphic.

     I      5. When these rocks cool quickly tiny crystals are formed.

     I      6. When these rocks cool slowly big crystals are formed.

     I      7. Pumice

     M      8. Gneiss

     S      9. Limestone

     S      10. Sandstone

     S      11. Fossils can be found in these types of rocks.

     I      12. Granite

     I      13. Obsidian

     I      14. Basalt

     M      15. Slate

        S I M        16. These rocks can form from sedimentary, igneous, and other metamorphic rocks.
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