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Level: Grade 7
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Ecology Question

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Grade 7 Ecology

What is ecology?                             the study of living things                             

What provides the needs for a living organism?          habitat          

What does abiotic mean?             non living             

What does biotic mean?         living         

What are the 3 abiotic factors?                           temperature, soil, water                           

Explain population.                                             all members of a species in one given area                                             

What is species?                                                    a group of organisms that are physically similar                                                   

What is an ecosystem?                                           community (biotic & abiotic factors)                                           

What is a direct observation?                            what you can see or feel                           

What is an indirect observation?                                                 you can see signs, but can't see the organism                                                

Explain natural selection.                                                                                                                                individuals with characteristics best suited for the environment will survive and produce offspring with same characteristics                                                                                                                                

What allows an organism to survive in certain conditions?              adaptations              

What is a niche?                                               an organism's job or role in the environment                                               

What is birth/death rate                                                                 how many animals are born or die within a given amount of time                                                                 

What is immigration?                                   animals coming into a population                                   

What is emigration?                               animals leaving a population                               
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