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Type: Fill-In-The-Blank
Category: Range, Median, Mean, and Mode
Level: Grade 6
Standards: 6.SP.B.5, 6.SP.B.5c
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Author: LBeth
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Range, Median, Mean, and Mode Question

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Grade 6 Range, Median, Mean, and Mode CCSS: 6.SP.B.5, 6.SP.B.5c

Erin earns the scores shown below for five Spanish quizzes.

[math]88, 100, 72, 91, 89[/math]

After she takes a sixth Spanish quiz, Erin's new quiz mean is 89.

Write whether each statement is TRUE, FALSE, or if there is NOT ENOUGH INFORMATION.

Before taking the sixth quiz, Erin's median quiz score was 89.                        true                        

Erin earned a score of 82 on her sixth quiz.                        false                        

Erin's mean quiz score decreased by 1 point after her sixth quiz.                        false                        
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