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Type: Fill-In-The-Blank
Category: Food Chains and Webs
Level: Grade 9
Author: faylaray
Last Modified: 5 months ago

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Food Chains and Webs Question

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Grade 9 Food Chains and Webs

WORD BANK: ammonia, atmosphere, consumers, decay, decomposers, denitrification, nitrogen fixation, plants, proteins, urinate

Nitrogen is a nutrient that organisms need to produce            proteins           . Plants & animals cannot use the nitrogen that makes up a large percentage of the              atmosphere             . The nitrogen is captured & converted into a form that is usable by plants in a process called                     nitrogen fixation                    . Nitrogen enters the food web when             producers             absorb nitrogen compounds from the soil & use them to make proteins.             Consumers            get nitrogen by eating plants or animals that contain nitrogen. Nitrogen is returned to the soil when animals           urinate           or when organisms die &         decay        .               Decomposers               break down organic matter found in organisms into           ammonia          . Some soil bacteria convert nitrogen compounds into nitrogen gas, which returns to the atmosphere in a process called                   denitrification                  .
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