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Type: Open-Ended
Category: Linear Equations
Level: Grade 10
Standards: HSF-IF.C.7, HSF-IF.C.7a
Author: Apple
Last Modified: 3 years ago

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Linear Equations Question

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Grade 10 Linear Equations CCSS: HSF-IF.C.7, HSF-IF.C.7a

Craig rented 40 videos last year for a total cost of $170. The rental charge was $3 per video.
(a) Sketch the graph that represents the relationship.
(b) Without using the graph, find the equation of the line.
(c) Verify your graph in (a) using this equation.
(d) Discuss what the y-intercept in this graph represents.
(e) Does this graph have an x-intercept? Does it make sense in this situation?
Graph 20x20 Quadrant 1
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