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Type: Multiple-Choice
Category: Maya Angelou
Level: Grade 8
Score: 3
Tags: poetry
Author: torthomas18
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Grade 8 Maya Angelou

Love the Look of Words - Maya Angelou
Popcorn leaps, popping from the floor of a
hot black skillet and into my mouth.
Black words leap, snapping from the white page.
Rushing into my eyes.
Sliding into my brain which
gobbles them the way my tongue
and teeth chomp
the buttered popcorn.
When I have stopped reading,
ideas from the words stay
stuck in my mind,
like the sweet smell of butter
my fingers
long after the popcorn is finished.
I love the book and the look of words
the weight of ideas
that popped into my mind.
I love the tracks of
new thinking in my mind

The above poem is an example of:
  1. dramatic irony
  2. alliteration
  3. extended metaphor
  4. simile
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