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Level: Grade 7
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Grade 7 Fact and Opinion

Writers often tell us what they think or how they feel, but they don't always give us the facts. It's important to be able to interpret what the writer is saying so you can form opinions of your own. As you read an author's views, you should ask yourself if the author is presenting you with an established fact or with a personal opinion. Since the two may appear close together, even in the same sentence, you have to be able to distinguish between them.

The key difference between facts and opinions is that facts can be verified, or checked for accuracy, by anyone. In contrast, opinions cannot be checked for accuracy by some outside source. Opinions are what someone personally thinks or how he/she feels about an issue. Opinions, by definition, are subjective and relative.

Are the following statements facts or opinions?

1. Journey is the greatest rock and roll band that ever lived.
2. Michael Alexander will be the greatest wide receiver that ever lived.
3. Tyler Rebber is the current BRMS quarterback.
4. Justin Bieber is the richest man alive because Selena Gomez is his girlfriend.
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