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Type: Multiple-Choice
Category: Main Idea
Level: Grade 7
Author: mchochim15
Created: a year ago

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Grade 7 Main Idea

Inside the rundown homes that lined Darrell’s block, there were always people to turn to in times of trouble. Across the street was old Mr. Corbitt, who sat on his porch each day and waved at everyone who passed by. And in the corner house was Mrs. Morton. She made sweet-potato pie for people in the neighborhood, especially Darrell and his mother.

The main idea of the excerpt below is that
  1. one neighbor, Mrs. Morton, baked sweet-potato pies.
  2. the houses in Darrell’s neighborhood were rundown.
  3. there were always people to turn to in the neighborhood.
  4. sweet-potato pie is good for you.
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