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Type: Fill-In-The-Blank
Category: Nervous and Endocrine Systems
Level: Grade 11
Author: sllong0124
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Nervous and Endocrine Systems Question

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Grade 11 Nervous and Endocrine Systems

Match the Function to the Neurotransmitter.

1.             Serotonin            Affects mood, hunger, sleep, arousal and impulsivity

2.            Dopamine            Influences movement, learning, attention and emotion

3.                 Acetylcholine                 Enables muscle action (movement), learning & Memory

4.                  Norepinephrine                  Helps control alertness, arousal, mood, sleep, learning

5.        GABA        A major inhibitory neurotransmitter, sleep, movement

6.              Endorphins              Pain control, structurally similar to heroin, opioids works by attaching to this receptor site

7.             Glutamate             Involved in memory, most common in CNS (actually
toxic to neurons, too much will kill them

A. Glutamate
B. Endorphins
C. Acetylcholine
D. Dopamine
F. Serotonin
G. Norepinephrine
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