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Type: Fill-In-The-Blank
Category: Drugs and Alcohol
Level: Grade 11
Author: sllong0124
Created: a year ago

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Drugs and Alcohol Question

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Grade 11 Drugs and Alcohol

Which DRUG Or TOXIN when introduced to the body causes too much (surplus) of the neurotransmittor and what is the effect that goes with it?

Acetylcholine Dopamine Serotonin Norepinephrine Endorphins GABA

muscle spasms drug addiction & schizophrenia Anxiety artificial highs & not adequate pain warning

sleep & eating disorders Autism

The toxin Black Widow Spider venom and the drug Nicotine cause a surplus of which neurotransmitter                 Acetylcholine                . What are the effects?                        Severe muscle spasms                       

The drug Cocaine cause a surplus of            dopamine           . The effects are                                    Schizophrenia and drug addiction                                   

Opiate drugs cause too much of which neurotransmitter?              Endorphins              The effect is                                                                   Body may not give adequate warning about pain, artificial highs                                                                  

A surplus of SSRIs can cause an increase in             Serotonin             with an effect of          Autism         

The drugs valium and xanax cause surplus of what?        GABA        and the effects are                              sleep and eating disorders                             

Too much caffiene or amphetamines cause a surplus of which neurotransmitter?                  norepinephrine                  and it causes what effects to the body?           Anxiety          
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