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All About Eggs

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All About Eggs Answer Key

How many grams of sugar are in an egg?
  1. 4
  2. 0
  3. 1
  4. 10
What is the difference between white and brown eggs?
  1. color
  2. nutrition
  3. location of production
  4. weight
Egg shells are permeable and will
  1. protect the egg from bacteria.
  2. add many nutrients if blended in a smoothie.
  3. turn color as they age.
  4. absorb smells and flavors in your fridge.
Egg yolks range in color from pale yellow to almost orange, this is due to
  1. the hen being free range.
  2. the hen's diet.
  3. the hen's age.
  4. color injections during processing.
Eggs contain all of these nutrients except
  1. thiamine.
  2. vitamin C.
  3. vitamin D.
  4. folate.
This part of the egg keeps the yolk securely suspended inside the egg.
  1. vitelline membrane
  2. albumen
  3. chalaza
  4. air cell
If you cannot check the best before date on the carton, how can you check if an egg is fresh?
  1. It should sound hollow when gently tapped.
  2. It should smell fresh.
  3. It should sink when dropped into water.
  4. Each egg has a tiny expiry date on it.
This part of the egg anatomy provides a protective barrier against bacteria.
  1. inner and outer membranes
  2. air cell
  3. germinal disc
  4. albumen
If you order an egg white omelette for breakfast, you will be eating what part of the egg?
  1. yolk
  2. chalaza
  3. albumen
  4. germinal disc
If eggs are not cooked and handled properly, they may cause a foodborne illness from this germ.
  1. cholera
  2. listeria
  3. mold
  4. salmonella

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