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Thirteen Reasons Why Cassette 6: Side A

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Thirteen Reasons Why Cassette 6: Side A Answer Key

How are Tony and Clay similar?
  • Sample answer: They both had opportunities to talk to her more, but they didn't take them.
What did Hannah give Tony?
  1. a kiss
  2. a note
  3. money
  4. her bike
What did Tony give Hannah?
  1. a kiss
  2. a note
  3. a recorder
  4. a ride home
When did Hannah give Tony the tapes?
  1. at the party
  2. the day she committed suicide
  3. when she returned the recorder
  4. through the mail the day after she died
How did Tony know who had listened to the tapes?
  1. He followed the map.
  2. He went down the list.
  3. He spied on them at night.
  4. He asked them to get in his car.
What does Clay have Tony do before he goes?
  1. talk to his mom
  2. destroy the tapes
  3. find the other people
  4. listen to the last tape
How did Tony help Clay?
  • Sample answer: He gave him someone to talk to and made him feel better about listening to the tapes.
What happened to Jenny after the party?
  1. She was driving drunk.
  2. She took Hannah home.
  3. She spent the night with Jessica.
  4. She was killed in a car accident.
Why was the incident with Jenny significant to Hannah?
  • Sample answer: She could've stopped it, but she didn't.
How does Clay feel when Hannah says she didn't know what people thought about her?
  • Sample answer: He says she didn't give them a chance to tell her or to even get to know her.

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