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Thirteen Reasons Why Open-Ended Questions

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Thirteen Reasons Why Open-Ended Questions Answer Key

How do Clay's feelings about Hannah's death change throughout the story?
  • Sample answer: Clay goes from not thinking much or being sad about Hannah's death to wishing he had done more and feeling sad about what happened.
In your opinion, why did Hannah create the tapes?
  • Sample answer: Hannah created the tapes partly to seek revenge, but also to encourage people to pay attention and keep it from happening to others.
Was Hannah to blame for anything that happened to her in the novel? Explain.
  • Sample answer: Some things. At times, Hannah wanted others to reach out, but she didn't always do a good job of expressing herself. She may have put too much of the blame on others.
In your opinion, did Mr. Porter do all that he could for Hannah? Explain.
  • Sample answer: Yes, because he talked to her and tried to get her to stay, but she refused. No, because he didn't call her parents and offer more help.
Why do you think Hannah put Clay on the list?
  • Sample answer: She knew Clay would be affected by them and that he was the one most likely to take a positive action afterwards.
What lesson did Clay learn from listening to the tapes?
  • Sample answer: Clay learned not to just sit by. He learned to reach out and talk to people, to let them know that he cared.
Some adults dislike the novel because they say it glorifies suicide. Do you think this is true? Explain.
  • Sample answer: The book shows the problems teens face and it also shows the negative impacts of suicide. Because it tells the story from the perspective of someone hurt by it, it does not really glorify suicide. However, it could be a little harsher.
How do you think Hannah is portrayed in the novel?
  • Sample answer: In many ways, Hannah is portrayed as a victim. Clay often inserts some truth, that she didn't let others help her, but much of the focus is on what others did to her.
What did you learn from reading this novel?
  • Sample answer: I learned to be more compassionate and not to treat people lightly. I also learned to watch for signs of change in my friends and be willing to talk to them if I'm concerned.
Do you think all of the tapes will ever be made public? Explain.
  • Sample answer: Yes, I think they will. The people involved may realize their message is important and that some students deserve to be prosecuted.
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