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The Outsiders: Chapter 12

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The Outsiders: Chapter 12 Answer Key

Who talked to the judge before the hearing?
  1. Darry
  2. Cherry
  3. the police
  4. the doctor
What was the outcome of the hearing?
  1. Ponyboy was acquitted.
  2. Randy was given jail time.
  3. Soda and Ponyboy had to leave Darry.
  4. They had to perform community service.
What negative did Ponyboy face after the hearing?
  1. jail time
  2. a new family
  3. memory loss
  4. the death of a pet
How did Ponyboy feel when he saw the Socs coming?
  1. sad
  2. zero
  3. caring
  4. excited
Ponyboy broke a bottle to threaten the Socs. What did he do after they left?
  1. gave it to Two-Bit
  2. chased them with it
  3. picked up the broken glass
  4. threw the bottle on the ground
How did Ponyboy know something was wrong with Soda?
  1. He was very quiet.
  2. He snapped at him.
  3. He stayed out all night.
  4. He told him his head hurt.
What was Soda upset about?
  1. He lost his job.
  2. He was failing school.
  3. Sandy sent his letter back.
  4. Darry yelled at him for making a mess.
What did Soda ask Darry and Ponyboy to do?
  1. go away
  2. stop fighting
  3. help him pass the GED
  4. help him win Sandy back
Ponyboy picked up Gone with the Wind. What did he find inside it?
  1. a cigarette
  2. a switchblade
  3. a note from Johnny
  4. a signature from the author
What did Ponyboy write about for his theme?
  1. losing his parents
  2. his first trip to the zoo
  3. the book The Outsiders
  4. Soda's horse Mickey Mouse

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