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D-Day Answer Key

The landings on D-Day were the first phase of                      
  1. Operation Fortitude
  2. Operation Overlord
  3. Operation Bodyguard
  4. The Overland Campaign
D-Day was the first time Allied troopers had returned to France since what event?
  • The evacuation at Dunkirk
What methods did the Allies use to deceive the Germans about the D-Day attack?
  • Answers may vary: Should include that they broadcast fake information by radio, made up armies that did not exist, and used double agents.
Why did the Allies attack Normandy rather than Calais?
  • Answers may vary: Could include that the Attack on Normandy would be less expected, or that the defenses at Normandy were not as strong.
What was the name of the German defensive system along the coast of France?
  1. The Maginot Line
  2. Hadrian's Walls
  3. The Atlantic Wall
  4. The Blitzkrieg
Why did the Allies target factories and airfields in their bombing raids prior to D-Day?
  • Answers may vary: Should included that they wanted to cripple the German Airforce.
The beaches attacked on D-Day were Utah, Omaha, Sword, Gold, and Juno.
The Allies called on the                 in France to sabotage the railways and telephone lines.
  1. Free French
  2. Resistence
  3. Commune
  4. Levée en masse
What were three factors that hindered the Allies from achieving all of its D-Day goals?
  • Answers may vary: could include- Choppy Seas prevented ships from landing on target, paratroopers missed their targets, many bombers dropped their bombs behind the German fortifications, of many of the specially designed tanks sank before they could reach shore.
What was the official code name for the D-Day landings?
  1. Operation Torch
  2. Operation Skye
  3. Operation Cobra
  4. Operation Neptune

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