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Bones of the Skeletal System

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Bones of the Skeletal System Answer Key

The maxilla bones form the lower jaw.
  1. True
  2. False
The zygomatic bone is also called the cheekbone.
  1. True
  2. False
The ulna is the thicker bone in the forearm.
  1. True
  2. False
The collarbone is also called the scapula.
  1. True
  2. False
What arm bone is located off the thumb?
  1. humerus
  2. phalanges
  3. radius
  4. ulna
The carpal bones refer to bones of the
  1. ankle.
  2. arm.
  3. foot.
  4. hand.
What is the bone you can feel on the lower back part of the skull?
  1. frontal
  2. occipital
  3. parietal
  4. temporal
The bone of the forehead and upper eye orbits is the
  1. frontal.
  2. occipital.
  3. parietal.
  4. temporal.
The                 is the only movable bone in the skull.
  1. frontal
  2. mandible
  3. maxilla
  4. nasal
The image shows a diagram of a human ear. Which three letters represent the ossicles?
Ear Diagram
  1. A, B, C
  2. D, G, I
  3. E, F, H
  4. J, K, L
Where are the tarsal bones located?
  1. foot
  2. hand
  3. skull
  4. spinal cord
The breastbone is also called the
  1. clavicle.
  2. patella.
  3. sternum.
  4. zygomatic.
The largest bone of the pelvis, also known as the hip bone, is the
  1. ilium.
  2. ischium.
  3. pubis.
  4. sacrum.
What bone is not connected to any other?
  1. cervical
  2. coccyx
  3. hyoid
  4. vertebrae
The largest bone in the human body, Bone P, is shown on the skeleton diagram. What bone is represented by letter P?
  1. femur
  2. fibula
  3. humerus
  4. tibia
The tailbone is the
  1. coccyx.
  2. ischium.
  3. patella.
  4. sacrum.
The heel bone is the
  1. calcaneus.
  2. metatarsal.
  3. scaphoid.
  4. talus.
If you dislocate the patella, you have dislocated the
  1. ear.
  2. elbow.
  3. finger.
  4. kneecap.
What is the bone of the upper arm?
  1. fibula
  2. humerus
  3. radius
  4. ulna
Suppose you were diagnosed with a stress fracture of the fibula bone. What part of your body has been broken?
  1. arm
  2. hip
  3. leg
  4. thumb

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