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Cultural Areas: Arctic and Subarctic

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Cultural Areas: Arctic and Subarctic Answer Key

What did the tribes in the Arctic call their temporary winter homes made of blocks of snow?
  1. igloos
  2. pueblos
  3. pithouses
  4. longhouses
Arctic tribes hunted                 .
  1. seals
  2. whales
  3. walruses
  4. all of the above
Engravings on the teeth or bones of whales or walruses are called scrimshaw.
  1. True
  2. False
Subarctic tribes mixed meat with fat and berries to make an easy-to-carry and long-lasting food known as               .
  1. jerky
  2. maize
  3. caribou
  4. pemmican
The vast frozen plains located near the Arctic Circle are called                .
  1. tundra
  2. prairie
  3. fjords
  4. boreal forest
The coniferous snow forests of the Subarctic are also called what?
  1. tundra
  2. boreal forests
  3. deciduous forests
  4. temperate forests
What is the name of the light boats used by tribes in the Arctic and Subarctic cultural areas?
  1. canoes
  2. kayaks
  3. coracle
  4. catamaran
Subarctic tribes made embroidery and bead work using porcupine quills.
  1. True
  2. False
What was one form of technology used by the Arctic people to adapt to their environment?
  • Answers may vary: Could include that they made waterproof caribou skin parkas to protect them from the cold, or used kayaks to navigate the icy coast.
Dogsleds allowed tribes in the Arctic to travel quickly over snow-covered ground.
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