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Reading Review Grade 6

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Reading Review Grade 6 Answer Key

This is a form of fiction where science or technology is the key element.
  1. realistic fiction
  2. tall tale
  3. science fiction
  4. biography
Which character is least likely to appear in a fantasy?
  1. a unicorn
  2. a scientist
  3. a talking tree
  4. fairy godmother
Green is a very ugly color.
  1. Fact
  2. Opinion
My grandfather is the funniest man in the whole world. He is so funny that when he tells jokes in public the whole town has to go to the hospital for side pains.

This is an example of:
  1. Hyperbole
  2. Simile
  3. Idiom
  4. Personification
Read this sentence.
"My girl Persia on the other hand, she could talk until the battery of her cell phone died."
What does this sentence mean?
  1. Persia is a cool girl.
  2. Persia is beautiful.
  3. Persia talks a lot.
  4. Persia loves her cell phone.
What is an example of two rhyming words in the following lines of poetry?

Softly, as if instinct with thought,
They float and drift, delay and turn;
And one avoids and one is caught,
Between an oak-leaf and a fern.
--from "Silkweed"
by Philip Henry Savage
  1. if, with
  2. drift, delay
  3. thought, caught
  4. one, fern
What do the images in the following poem lead you to conclude?

Young birds seesaw on their first flights.
Melting snows churn and gurgle in woodland streams.
Early crocuses splatter purple, yellow, and white on people's lawns.
  1. It is spring.
  2. It is summer.
  3. It is autumn.
  4. It is winter.
The tragic hero in a drama is called the:
  1. antagonist
  2. author
  3. protagonist
  4. director
Daniel is reading a scary book. It reminds him of the movie he just saw about zombies. Daniel is using what reading strategy?
  1. predicting
  2. summarizing
  3. inferring
  4. making connections
A narrative written about someone's personal experience and communicated at a high emotional level. It is written by the person that had the experience, but it is not about their whole life.
  1. biography
  2. fiction
  3. non-fiction
  4. memoir
"I was awakened by the strong odor of a freshly brewed pot of coffee."
This is an example of what type of imagery?
  1. hearing
  2. sight
  3. smell
  4. touch
Decide whether the passage is an example of foreshadowing or flashback.

Mary heard the bells ring in the distance. She thought about the time not too long ago when that sound would make her break into a sprint. Now it was that time again. She was running so that she would not be late for school. Oh, how she disliked the sound of bells.
  1. foreshadowing
  2. flashback
Is it real or make-believe?

The dog ate from a bowl.
  1. real
  2. make-believe
First be sure to check the date on the bread.Then take out the peanut butter, jelly and a knife. Use the knife to scoop out peanut butter and then spread it on one side of each piece of bread. Next, take the jelly and spread it on one of the slices, on top of the peanut butter. Now it's time to put one slice on top of the other. You can cut the sandwich either in half or in quarters.

The author wrote this piece to
  1. entertain.
  2. inform.
  3. explain.
  4. persuade.
After Mark's mechanical pencil ran out of lead, he asked Pete, who sat next to him, if he could borrow a pencil. Pete yelled, "No, Mark! If you didn't come prepared, why is that my fault? Bring TWO pencils to class! You can't have one of mine or you'll never learn your lesson."

What character trait does Pete demonstrate?
  1. rude
  2. thoughtful
  3. surprised
  4. helpful
You're reading a chapter in your textbook to prepare for a test.

What is the best thing to look for to find the most important information quickly?
  1. the bold words
  2. charts
  3. picture captions
  4. the first sentence of each paragraph
Microchips provide the power for wristwatches. They are also the brains in our computers, and they control robots. These chips are used in video games and space shuttles. They make our cameras, radios, and televisions small and light.

What is the story mainly about?
  1. How computers work
  2. Why televisions are small
  3. How microchips are used
  4. How cameras work
Read the sentence. Then choose the best inference.

Mila changed her clothes about twenty times before her interview.
  1. Mila had lost a lot of weight.
  2. Mila was early for her interview.
  3. Mila couldn't find her suit in the closet.
  4. Mila wanted to make a good impression.
Hurricanes begin when the weather conditions are just right for a cluster of thunderstorms to form over a tropical ocean. If such a cluster remains long enough, it organizes into a tropical depression, with winds of up to 42 miles per hour. If a tropical depression increases to winds of 43 to 74 miles per hour, it is a tropical storm. A tropical storm is given a name and watched closely, by satellite, to see if it gets worse and begins to have the telltale circular shape of a hurricane. If the air pressure continues to drop, the wind rises to above 75 miles per hour, and a true hurricane is born.

Which of the following causes weather forecasters to say a storm has become a hurricane?
  1. A cluster of thunderstorms form over a tropical ocean.
  2. A cluster begins to organize into a tropical depression.
  3. Winds increase to over 75 miles per hour.
  4. Winds increase to 23 to 42 miles an hour.
"Luis!" shouted Mrs. Lopez, "I've called you three time. You come down this minute or you'll be late for breakfast."

"Coming, Ma," he answered, and a moment later he appeared on the stairway. Mrs. Lopez gasped when she saw him, but Karen merely laughed.

"I kept wondering what made you stay in the bathroom so long," exclaimed his mother. "But I never expected you, all by yourself, to comb your hair so slick and to wear a regular shirt and a tie. And a tie! Are you sick, Luis?"

"I can tell you what it's all about," volunteered Karen. He met that Wineska, the new girl, and he's gaga about her."

"I am not. Don't listen to her, Ma. She's just like all little sisters, always saying something to tease me." And Luis glared at Karen, hoping that his fierce look would scare her into silence.

"Ha, ha! Think you can frighten me, do you? And that isn't all. He walked her all the way home yesterday and carried her books, too."

When did this story happen?
  1. in the evening
  2. at night
  3. in the morning
  4. in the afternoon

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