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Golf Answer Key

Instructions: Fore! You may have played mini-golf before, but real, grown-up golf is a much more complicated sport. See if you know some of the basic rules and words used in the game.

The object of the game of golf is to hit the                                into a hole in the ground using as few strokes as possible.
  1. golf tee
  2. golf ball
  3. golf club
  4. golf cart
What does a "stroke" mean in golf?
  1. hitting the ball into the sand trap
  2. the person who carries your golf clubs
  3. one swing of a golf club
  4. putting the ball in the hole twice in a row
The basic parts of a "hole" in golf are
  1. the tee, the fairway, the green, and the cup.
  2. the caddie, the tee, and the golf cart.
  3. an umbrella, a sun visor, and sunglasses.
  4. the clubhouse and the vending machine.
The recommended number of strokes to complete each hole is called
  1. the average.
  2. the bunker.
  3. birdie.
  4. par.
The players start each hole by hitting the ball from the tee.
What kind of club does a player use to hit the ball off the tee?
  1. a putter
  2. an iron
  3. a driver
  4. a wedge
The fairway is the grassy area between the tee and the green.
The taller grass lining the sides of the fairway which players want to avoid hitting into is called
  1. the rough.
  2. the green.
  3. the bunker.
  4. the weeds.
What else do players want to avoid along the fairway and around the green?
  • Answers may vary, but should include at least one of these: the sand trap (or bunker), the water hazard, the trees, the parking lot.
Once players reach the green, they use a putter to hit the ball into the cup.
Because the cup is sunk into the ground on the green, a(n)                 is placed in it so its position can be seen from a distance.
  1. pin (or flag)
  2. sign
  3. tag
  4. arrow
What does "Fore!" mean, and why do players shout it out?
  • Answers may vary but should include this idea: The term is a short form of the word "before", which is a synonym of "ahead". So, fore literally means, "look out ahead". Golfers shout this if they make a bad shot so as to warn other golfers that a ball might be coming their way.
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