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Skiing Answer Key

It's thought that the earliest skiing dates back
  1. 200 years.
  2. 2,000 years.
  3. 4,000 years.
  4. 6,000 years.
A timed event requiring the execution of many short, quick turns is a
  1. downhill
  2. slalom
  3. jump
  4. telemark
Skiing is featured in the Winter Olympic games.
What kind of skiing features the ski attached only to the toe of the foot allowing the heel to be raised?
  1. Alpine
  2. Nordic
  3. cross country
  4. slalom
Match the type of skiing with its description.
Cthe type of skiing where you get a chairlift to the top of the mountain, and ski down itA.cross country
Aa form of skiing where skiers use their own power to move across snow-covered terrainB.freestyle
Ba type of skiing involving jumps, spins, turns and choreographyC.downhill
In ski jumping               , competitors try to fly through the air the furthest after skiing down a specially-designed ramp.
The official world record for the longest ski jump is 253.5 meters set in 2017 by Austrian skier Stefan Kraft. How far is that in feet? 832 ft.
When ski slopes don't have enough snowfall, they make artificial snow.
What type of snow makes for the perfect ski conditions where new snow has been groomed or ridden over to pack it down?
  1. slush
  2. packed powder
  3. crud snow
  4. hard-packed snow
The United States' only INDOOR ski slope opened in 2019 in what state?
  1. Colorado
  2. Florida
  3. New Jersey
  4. Vermont
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