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Baseball Slang

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Baseball Slang Answer Key

A hit by the home team which ends the game is called a walk-off.
When the crowd shows its disapproval by booing they give a
  1. Bronx cheer.
  2. raspberry.
  3. chicken out.
  4. crowd chop.
To "whiff" is to
  1. overthrow someone.
  2. catch a fly on the run.
  3. smell the hot dogs in the stands.
  4. strikeout.

The batter after the on-deck hitter is
  1. "in the hole."
  2. "waiting for pine tar."
  3. "below deck."
  4. "sittin' pretty."
The "hill" is the pitcher's mound.
When a batter is hit by a pitch, he's
  1. "plunked."
  2. knocked out.
  3. called out.
  4. in a "pickle."
A                 means a runner is given permission by the manager to try to steal a base.
  1. "go now"
  2. "go light"
  3. "red light"
  4. "green light"
Home plate is sometimes called
  1. the dish.
  2. fourth base.
  3. the hot corner.
  4. the sweet spot.
If a batter hits a "Texas leaguer," he has hit
  1. a bloop hit that drops between an infielder and outfielder.
  2. a grand slam.
  3. a very fast line drive.
  4. the out of town scoreboard.
A "frozen rope" is
  1. a very high infield pop up.
  2. a hard-hit line drive.
  3. an aluminum bat.
  4. a refreshing ice pop from the concession stand.
An easy pitch to hit, usually right down the middle of the plate, is called
  1. a "meatball."
  2. a "flamethrower."
  3. a "curve."
  4. a "diamond."
To "hit for the cycle" means a player has hit a single, double, triple, and home run in the same game.
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