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Musical Feet

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Musical Feet Answer Key

Around the perimeter of the room/gym, place one fewer pair of the cutout feet than the number of children playing the game. (So if there are ten players, space out nine pairs.) You can print and use the pair of footprints on the next page, or you can make your own. You might even have the children draw or paint outlines of their own feet. If you print them on different color card stock and have them laminated, you can do use them over and over again.Instrument - Tambourine

Play an instrument (an easy one like a tambourine or toy xylophone) and tell all participants to walk around the perimeter of the room. When the music stops the players must attempt to land their feet on the cutout pairs. Whoever does not find a pair of feet to land on is out of the game. To keep the players who are out busy, give each one an instrument to play (be sure to direct them to all stop playing at the same time). You can also enlist one of them to be a helper in picking up the feet.

The music starts again and before it stops, pick up one pair of feet. When the music stops, the players scramble to stand on a pair of feet. To make it more interesting you can change the direction of the walking, tell the players to walk backwards, or change the type of movement (for example, instead of walking, the players must waddle like a penguin or move like a robot, etc.)

Continue this pattern until there is one pair of cutout feet and two players left. Play the music, and when it stops, the one player who lands on the cutout feet is the winner for that round.
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