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Baseball Pitches: The Breaking Ball

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Baseball Pitches: The Breaking Ball Answer Key

Which of these statements does NOT describe the motion of a breaking ball?
  1. The ball moves to the left.
  2. The ball moves downward.
  3. The ball moves to the right.
  4. The ball travels straight through the strike zone.
Which way does a curveball move when thrown by a right-handed pitcher?
  1. down and to the left
  2. down and to the right
  3. straight through the strike zone
  4. up and to the left
Why are some curveballs called a "12-6 curve"?
  • Answers may vary, but should include -- The straight vertical drop is described as moving from the number 12 to the number 6 on a clock.
Why is it critical to the success of a pitcher that he have a good fastball and a good breaking ball?
  • Answers may vary, but should include -- The curve keeps hitters off-balance because with the possibility of a curveball in the back of their minds, batters can’t just exclusively gear up for a fastball.
What's the name for a curveball that does not break the way it was intended but approaches the plate high and slow?
  1. an underthrown curve
  2. a "hanging" curve
  3. a "lobbing" curve
  4. a pitcher's nightmare
Describe what usually happens when a hitter who is expecting a fastball is instead thrown a curveball?
  • Answers may vary, but should include -- A batter expecting a fastball will swing too early and over the top of the pitch.
What creates the topspin of a curveball?
  1. the proper delivery
  2. the snap of the wrist
  3. the proper grip
  4. the snap of the wrist with the proper grip
What's the difference between a curveball and a slider?
  1. the slider tries to confuse the batter, the curve does not
  2. the slider is thrown faster and generally with less overall movement
  3. the slider is slower than a curveball but produces more movement
  4. the slider is faster than a curveball and produces more movement
A screwball is a pitch thrown so it will break in the opposite direction of a slider or curveball.
Where does a curveball thrown by a right-handed pitcher end up on a right-handed batter?
  1. away from the batter (or on the outside)
  2. near the batter (or inside)
  3. in the dirt
  4. over the batter's head
Why is the knuckle-curve a contradiction?
  • Answers may vary, but should include -- because a curveball is characterized by its spin, and a knuckleball is known for its lack of rotation.
To achieve the knuckle-curve grip, at least one of the pitcher's fingers is bent while holding the ball.
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