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World History Description Activity (up to 1700)

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World History Description Activity (up to 1700) Answer Key

Instructions: Identify the person, place, event, or era that each definition is describing.

Spanish conquerors who came to the New World in search of gold and other riches.
  • Conquistadors
Code of conduct for knight and nobles during European feudalism.
  • Chivalry
Italian Renaissance writer, famously known for a handbook on how to rule, titled "The Prince".
  • Machiavelli
Document written by Martin Luther detailing what he believed to be the problems in the medieval Church.
  • 95 Theses
The holy book of Judaism.
  • The Torah
Above ground structures built by the Romans used to carry water long distances.
  • Aqueducts
Military ruler of feudal Japan.
  • Shogun
A member of the lower class of ancient Roman society.
  • Plebeian
The development of agriculture and the domestication of animals as a food source which led to the development of permanent settlements and the start of civilization.
  • Neolithic Revolution
He conquered most of the ancient world, beginning the Hellenistic culture, which was a blending of Greek, Persian, Indian, and Egyptian influences.
  • Alexander the Great

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