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The Benefits of Cultural Interaction

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The Benefits of Cultural Interaction Answer Key

List three elements of culture.
  • Language, music, food, etc
Archaeologists study artifacts and culture from past civilizations. How can we learn about ourselves and our culture through the work of archaeologists?
  • We can see how our ancestors lived their daily life and how we are similar in many ways.
What parts of your culture do you think are shared by many others around the world?
How could your culture be similar to someone else living so far away?
  • Foods, language, music. Because of similar ancestry and technology spreads culture easily.
Identify two methods of spreading culture.
  • Technology. Conversation and interaction. Entertainment.
Explain how you can benefit from experiencing a culture other than your own.
  • Answers may include: Learn about new customs, foods. Broaden the scope of your world and knowledge.
Name a holiday or tradition commonly observed in your culture and explain how it reflects the elements of your culture.
  • Answers will vary
What is a nuclear family?
  • A man, his wife, and their children
What is an extended family?
  • Includes nuclear family plus grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins
Which type of family best describes yours? How does your family impact your cultural beliefs and customs?
  • Answers will vary
How does studying other cultures help us understand our own?
  • By learning about other cultures we can understand that they are not so different from ours. We can then celebrate the festivals in their culture and it can have an influence in our culture and making it more similar.

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