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Reading Review

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Reading Review Answer Key

What literary device uses a casual reference to a famous historical or literary figure or event?
  1. Metaphor
  2. Imagery
  3. Allusion
  4. Paradox
Which of the following is a fact?
  1. Wild cats are the most beautiful animals in the world.
  2. A cheetah is the world's fastest animal.
  3. A jaguar is sneaky.
  4. The lion is truly the king of the beasts.
Martin Scorsese is a director of astonishing power and Gangs of New York is a movie of astonishing imagination, ambition, and scope. The first fifteen minutes are as dazzling as any images ever put on screen. The rest of the movie veers from brilliant to flawed, but it is unfailingly arresting, provocative, and powerful.
adapted from "Movie Mom's Review of Gangs of New York" by Nell Minow

What will be the reviewer's final opinion on the movie?
  1. The reviewer will give the movie a negative review.
  2. The reviewer will not like the movie past its first fifteen minutes.
  3. The reviewer will not recommend the movie because it was made by Martin Scorsese.
  4. The reviewer will give the movie a positive review.
Identify the type of conflict in the the following sentence:
"The cinders and embers began falling on us, stinging and smarting like ants."
  1. Man vs. Man
  2. Man vs. Self
  3. Man vs. Society
  4. Man vs. Nature
Shasta flew into the house from her mother's car and parked herself right in front of the television. In a mere second, she had the video game system on and ready to play. Soon, she was playing her favorite racing game. Shasta loved racing cars; she relished the fiery explosions, the jets that flew over the track, and the deafening sirens.

Moments later, her mother came into the room. "Shasta," she said, "all you ever do is play that game. You never move from that spot!"

"Aw, mom," Shasta said. "I just like playing a lot."

"Yeah, yeah," her mom said, "but it isn't healthy to be in front of the TV so much, and you are in need of some heart-pumping exercise." She reached down and tried to pull Shasta to her feet.

Shasta pretended that she couldn't stand up. She wobbled like she was going to fall over. "Mom, I'm incapable of standing up! My legs are jelly. They can't hold me!"

"Then you need to strengthen those muscles! Go outside and run around! I see your friends playing basketball across the street. You can come back in after an hour."

Grumbling, Shasta shut the game off and dragged herself off the floor.

The next time she sees Shasta playing video games, Shasta's mom will most likely
  1. carry Shasta outside as punishment.
  2. command Shasta to do her homework.
  3. tell Shasta to do something more active.
  4. tell Shasta to let her little brother play.
Determine whether the following passage is an example of direct or indirect characterization:
"He glanced at her face--her eyes, which were honey brown, and her nose, which crinkled when she smiled."
  1. Direct Characterization
  2. Indirect Characterization
What literary device reveals a kind of truth which seems contradictory?
  1. Paradox
  2. Hyperbole
  3. Alliteration
  4. Personification
The last part of a story, explaining how the conflict is solved is called
  1. climax.
  2. falling action.
  3. rising action.
  4. resolution.
The attitude of the author towards his writing is called
  1. tone.
  2. conflict.
  3. plot.
  4. mood.
Sarcasm is a form of verbal irony. Which statement below demonstrates sarcasm?
  1. A basketball fan remarks, "Watching Michael Jordan play ball knocks my socks off!"
  2. A soccer fan remarks, "That goalie is in way over his head."
  3. A football fan remarks, "That receiver's face was as white as a ghost as the ball whizzed past his hands."
  4. A baseball fan remarks, "I just love lots of homework on opening night of the World Series!"

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