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Roman Empire

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Roman Empire Answer Key

What are the twelve tables?
  • Written law of early Rome that became the basis for Roman Law
Who was the first Roman emperor?
  1. Julius Caesar
  2. Marcus Aurelius
  3. Augustus
  4. Hadrian
The most enduring contribution of Rome was
  1. its law
  2. the use of aqueducts
  3. its roads
  4. the Latin language
The Pax Romana was known as                 .
  1. Roman principles
  2. Roman people
  3. Roman peace
  4. Roman prices
The Colosseum in Rome was a(n)
  1. aqueduct.
  2. large temple.
  3. wall built around the city.
  4. giant arena that held 50,000 spectators.
A structure that carries water over a long distance
  1. arch
  2. dictator
  3. patrician
  4. aqueduct
What major change did Augustus make to the Roman Republic?
  1. he replaced it with an empire
  2. he create laws and a fair government
  3. there were many battles and caused the republic to fall
  4. he grew the wealthy class
Rome conquered                 and took many of their architectural designs and their beliefs.
  1. Italy
  2. Greece
  3. Spain
  4. India
Which of the following is an aspect of Roman laws that is reflected in our own laws today?
  1. People accused of a crime have a right to face their accusers.
  2. People are guilty until proven innocent.
  3. People are not allowed to be tried by a jury of their peers.
  4. Dictators are necessary in times of national emergency.
What is a gladiator?
  • Gladiators were slaves who fought each other and animals in order to obtain their freedom.
The Roman emperor                 issued an order called the Edict of Milan that granted all people religious freedom and made it legal to practice Christianity.
  1. Diocletian
  2. Theodosius
  3. Constantine
  4. Paul
What important event did Diocletian undertake in 294 CE?
  1. Destroy Carthage
  2. Attack the barbarians to save Rome
  3. Divide the Roman Empire
  4. Convert to Christianity
Christianity was a threat to Roman rulers because
  1. Jesus preached against Roman rule.
  2. Christians refused to worship Roman gods.
  3. Christians tried to overthrow Nero.
  4. Romans were considered heretics.
The Eastern Roman Empire came to be known as                     
  1. East Anglia
  2. the Middle East
  3. the Byzantine Empire
  4. the Ottoman Empire
In the Punic Wars, Rome fought against                .
  1. Greece
  2. Carthage
  3. barbarians
  4. Constantinople
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