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Euglena Answer Key

Instructions: Read the paragraph and answer the questions.

Euglena are mixotrophic protists, meaning they exhibit characteristics of both autotrophs and heterotrophs. Euglena use a photoreceptor to sense light then use chloroplast to produce chemical energy by photosynthesis. However, when light is in short supply, euglena can obtain energy by absorbing nutrients through the membrane or capturing food. The flagellum provides movement and helps propel the organism toward light and food. In addition, the flexible outer covering of the cell, called the pellicle, allows the euglena to move by contracting and extending.
How do euglena act as autotrophs?
  • use photosynthesis
How do euglena act as heterotrophs?
  • absorbing nutrients or capturing food
Describe how euglena most likely move through shallow mud puddles compared to pond water.
  • by contracting pellicle to "crawl" through the mud; by whipping flagellum

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