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Past Tense Verbs

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Past Tense Verbs Answer Key

Past tense for the word dive.
  1. dove
  2. dave
  3. diven
Choose the past-tense verb.
  1. watch
  2. watches
  3. watching
  4. watched
Determine if the word is past, present or future tense.

prayed past

came past

leap present

visit present
Write the past tense of the following verbs:

flip flipped

go went

cry cried

hurry hurries

climb climbed
Read the sentence below. It is written in the present tense.
** I see you in front of my house.
Which sentence below shows the same sentence written in the past tense?
  1. I will see you in front of my house.
  2. I seen you in front of my house.
  3. I saw you in front of my house.
  4. I seed you in front of my house.
Find the correct tense of the verb.

The dog                across the street.
  1. ranned
  2. runned
  3. ran
  4. running
Is the verb in this sentence past, present, or future?

Amy likes her best friend Barb.
  1. present
  2. past
  3. future
Which sentence is in the past tense?
  1. She reads, writes, and practices piano everyday.
  2. She is already reading, writing and practicing.
  3. He will run to the store for a tape measure.
  4. He ran to the store for a tape measure.
What tense is the verb in the following sentence?

Mrs. Harvey arrived late for the church service.
  1. past
  2. present
  3. future
I noticed the dishwasher stopped working, so I call a repairman to come look at it.
  1. called
  2. have called
  3. calls
  4. No Error

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