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Electrolytes Answer Key

Which of the following statements correctly describes electrolytes?
  1. Electrolytes always contain metals
  2. Electrolytes all have a pH value of 7
  3. Electrolytes have low melting points
  4. Electrolytes are strong conductors of electricity in solution
Which of the following statements is NOT true about electrolytes?
  1. They conduct electricity in solution
  2. They conduct electricity in the solid phase
  3. They typically will form positively-charged and negatively-charged particles in solution
  4. None of the above
Which of the following is an electrolyte?
  1. Cu
  2. [math] H_2S [/math]
  3. ICl
  4. HCl
Which of the following is an electrolyte?
  1. [math] Ca(OH)_2 [/math]
  2. [math] H_2 [/math]
  3. K
  4. [math] SO_2 [/math]
Which of the following is a nonelectrolyte?
  1. [math] CH_3 COOH [/math]
  2. KOH
  3. [math] H_2 SO_4 [/math]
  4. [math] C Cl_4 [/math]
Which of the following compounds is NOT an electrolyte?
  1. ethanoic acid
  2. sodium bicarbonate
  3. methanol
  4. sodium hydroxide
Based on considerations of solubility, which of the following salts would be the weakest electrolyte?
  1. [math] NaClO_3 [/math]
  2. [math] CaCl_2 [/math]
  3. [math] Na_2 SO_4 [/math]
  4. AgCl
Which of the following represents the ions present in an aqueous solution of [math] H_3 PO_4 [/math]?
  1. [math] H_3 O^[+] [/math] and [math] PO_4^[3-] [/math]
  2. [math] H^[+] [/math] and [math] PO_4^[+] [/math]
  3. [math] H^[-] [/math] and [math] PO_4^[3+] [/math]
  4. [math] H^[+] [/math] and [math] PO_4^[3-] [/math]
Complete the following equation for the dissociation of HCl:
HCl (aq) [math] rarr [/math] ?
  • [math] H^[+] (aq) + Cl^[-] (aq) [/math]
Complete the equation for the dissociation of a base:
NaOH (aq) [math] rarr [/math] ?
  • [math] Na^[+] (aq) + OH^[-] (aq) [/math]
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