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Resistance and Ohm's Law

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Resistance and Ohm's Law Answer Key

Instructions: Read each question carefully. Choose the answer that best fits the question. If the question involves calculations, you must show all your math work.

A light bulb with resistance of 2 ohms is connected to a 4-V battery. What is the current flowing through the circuit?
  1. 0.5 A
  2. 5 A
  3. 2 A
  4. 1 A
Define resistance.
  • Resistance is the tendency for a material to oppose electron flow and change electrical energy into thermal energy and light.
Which statement about the total resistance of the circuit is true?
Series Circuit
  1. It is the same as the average resistance of any of the resistors.
  2. It is less than the resistance of any of the individual resistors.
  3. It is greater than the resistance of any of the individual resistors.
What is the relationship explained by Ohm's Law?
  • The current through a conductor between two points is directly proportional to the potential difference across the two points.
A simple circuit contains only wires, a resistor drawing a current of 0.83 A, and a 1.5 V battery. What is the resistance of the resistor?
Schematic of a Circuit
  • [math]R=V/I=(1.5 V)/(0.83A)=1.81Omega[/math]
You invent a device that requires a minimum of 5 amps to operate, but can only handle a maximum of 8 amps without being destroyed. Assuming that it will be plugged into an outlet in the U.S. which has a voltage between 110 Volts and 120 Volts, what range of resistance can your object have to work safely?
  1. Between 15 Ohms and 22 Ohms
  2. Between 13.75 and 24 Ohms
  3. Between 30 and 40 Ohms
  4. None of the above
What battery voltage would be needed to send 2.5 A of current through a light bulb with 3.6 Ω of resistance?
  1. 1.5 V
  2. 1.2 V
  3. 9 V
  4. 12 V
Look at the drawing. If the voltage is 6 volts and each resistor is 2 Ohms, what is the total resistance of the circuit?
Series Circuit
  1. 3 Ohms
  2. 0 Ohms
  3. 1 Ohm
  4. 6 Ohms
Meg creates a circuit with a 12 volt battery. It is a parallel circuit with 3 branches and each branch has a 3 Ohm resistor. How much voltage will be delivered on each branch?
  1. 4 Volts
  2. 12 Volts
  3. 36 Volts
  4. None of the above
Complete the following statement:

If you increase the resistance in a series circuit,                               .
  1. the current will also increase
  2. the current will decrease
  3. the voltage will increase
  4. the voltage will decrease

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