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The Periodic Table, Hydrogen

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The Periodic Table, Hydrogen Answer Key

Which of the following properties characterizes hydrogen gas?
  1. It is a white, odorless gas
  2. It is not flammable
  3. It is a clear, pungent gas
  4. It is colorless and odorless
What is the boiling point of hydrogen?
  1. -253ºC
  2. -253 K
  3. -260ºC
  4. -260 K
Which of the following would react with methane to decompose it, forming purified hydrogen gas?
  1. carbon monoxide gas
  2. heat, only
  3. water vapor
  4. pressure, only
Which of the following techniques is used in gasoline production?
  1. Substitution
  2. Condensation
  3. Cracking of hydrocarbons
  4. Polymerization
In addition to hydrogen gas, which of the following is another possible product of the cracking process?
  1. hexane
  2. pentane
  3. an aromatic compound
  4. octane
Which of the following can react with hydrogen gas to produce saturated oils?
  1. Saturated hydrocarbons
  2. Alcohols
  3. Esters
  4. Unsaturated hydrocarbons
Which of the following reactants are involved in the Haber Process?
  1. nitrogen and ammonia
  2. nitrogen and hydrogen
  3. ammonia, only
  4. hydrogen and ammonia
Which of the following is NOT a possible charge of hydrogen, when it forms an ion?
  1. -1
  2. +1
  3. 0
  4. Both (a) and (b)
Briefly summarize one possible chemical property of hydrides. Explain your answer.
  • Hydrides are explosive in water, as a result of being powerful reducing agents.
The group of elements on the Periodic Table could potentially be utilized in storing hydrogen fuels is transition metals.

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