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North Africa and SW Asia

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North Africa and SW Asia Answer Key

Istanbul began as a Greek port called
  1. Constantinople
  2. Byzantium
  3. Roman Emperor
  4. Ottomans
Which country became independent from France?
  1. Algeria
  2. Egypt
  3. Libya
  4. Sudan
The country of                 is the last remnant of the empire of the Ottoman Turks.
  1. Serbia
  2. Turkey
  3. Montenegro
  4. Bulgaria
What is the capital of Libya?
  1. Helsinki
  2. Jakarta
  3. Tripoli
  4. Beirut
Leading producer of phosphate is
  1. Morocco
  2. Libya
  3. Algeria
  4. Turkey
Egypt's largest dam and a major source of electric power is the Aswan High Dam
Constitutional Monarchyis the type of Government in Morocco.
What is the capital of Israel?
  1. Jerusalem
  2. Beirut
  3. Minsk
  4. Tegucigalpa
Where is Egypt located in Africa?
  1. southern tip
  2. Atlantic coast
  3. central Africa
  4. north-east
Alluvial Plain is an area between two rivers in Iraq which is very fertile.
The largest country of the Arabian Peninsula is
  1. Saudi Arabia
  2. Iran
  3. Iraq
  4. Qatar
What is the capital of Lebanon?
  1. Beirut
  2. Tripoli
  3. George Town
  4. La Paz
What is silt? Provide a definition and the reason why it was important to the Egyptians.
  • Silt is very fertile, black soil. Because most of Egypt was just a desert, the silt around the Nile river fertile and good for farmers.
What three bodies of water border Israel?
  1. Persian Gulf, Red Sea, Black Sea
  2. Red Sea, Dead Sea, Mediterranean Sea
  3. Caspian Sea, Dead Sea, Persian Gulf
How did the Nile River improve civilization?
Snowy mountains, hot deserts, and rainy grassland is found in Morocco.
Turkey is a country that is located on 2 continents. They are
  1. North America and South America
  2. Europe and Asia
  3. China and Japan
  4. Australia and Antarctica
  5. Africa and Asia
Along with agriculture this industry is also important for Tunisia.
  1. Cotton
  2. Fishing
  3. Oil
  4. Chemicals
What is irrigation?
  • A system of canals that move water from one place to another.
Farsi is the language spoken in Iran
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