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Thanksgiving Dinner Cooking Times

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Thanksgiving Dinner Cooking Times Answer Key

Instructions: Thanksgiving - Pumkin Pie Jacob is preparing Thanksgiving dinner for his family and friends. Perform each time conversion stated. Show your work and answers in the spaces provided.

It takes Jacob 2 minutes to mash the potatoes. How many seconds is this?
  • 120 seconds
The turkey cooks for four and one-half hours. How many minutes is this?
  • 270 minutes
It takes the pumpkin pie 53 minutes to bake. How many seconds is this?
  • 3,180 seconds
Jacob's roasted vegetables cook for 2 hours. How many seconds is this?
  • 7,200 seconds
It takes 15 minutes to cook the cranberry sauce and 1 hour to cool in the refrigerator. How many total seconds does the cranberry sauce take to cook and cool?
  • 4,500 seconds

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