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Personal Hygiene – Dental Care

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Personal Hygiene – Dental Care Answer Key

Your teeth should be flossed at least once a day.
  1. True
  2. False
It is okay to share my toothbrush.
  1. Yes
  2. No
What product best helps to clean between teeth?
  1. mouthwash
  2. water
  3. toothbrush
  4. floss
How often should you brush your teeth?
  1. twice (2x) a day
  2. once (1x) a day
  3. every other day
All of the following EXCEPT                 are good for your teeth.
  1. flossing
  2. brushing
  3. healthy foods
  4. sugary foods
You should brush your teeth how many minutes each time you brush?
  1. ten
  2. two
  3. sixty
  4. one
Not only should you brush your teeth, but you should also brush your                 to get rid of bacteria in your mouth.
  1. ears
  2. nose
  3. lips
  4. tongue
You should visit your dentist for cleanings how many times a year?
  1. once
  2. twice
  3. twelve
  4. twenty-four
A                 is a hole in a tooth.
  1. cavity
  2. calculus
  3. cementum
  4. plaque
A sticky, colorless layer of harmful bacteria that is always forming on a person's teeth.
  1. floss
  2. toothpaste
  3. plaque
  4. cavity
                is a loss of gum tissue caused by plaque and poor brushing at the gum line.
  1. Cavity
  2. Enamel
  3. Gingivitis
  4. Plaque
If plaque is not cleaned off the teeth, it can cause the tooth enamel to
  1. harden.
  2. whiten.
  3. shine.
  4. decay.
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