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Skunk Alert Reading Passage

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Skunk Alert!

Last night Tommy saw a skunk. It was behind his house. It was looking through the garbage cans. Tommy was scared. He asked his mom if the skunk would spray him.

His mom explained that skunks are known for spraying foul odors. Foul means yucky. She also said that there is no need to worry because skunks rarely use their spray. In fact, a skunk may never spray during its whole life. Skunks are actually shy animals. They will only spray if you bother them.

If you do bother a skunk, it will react. The skunk will first give you some warning signs. It will lift its tail and arch its back. It will try to look bigger. Sometimes it will stomp its feet. If you continue to bother the skunk, it will turn around and shoot its spray. The spray can go very far. It can go up to 10 feet away! The spray is very smelly. It can also sting the animal or person’s eyes. The skunk does not mean to hurt people or animals. The spray is just its way of protecting itself.

When Tommy learned all of these facts about skunks, he was relieved.
What is the main reason a skunk will use its spray?
  1. He wants to keep bugs away.
  2. He wants to attract a female skunk.
  3. He will only spray when he feels hungry.
  4. He will only spray when he feels threatened.
Why did the author write this article?
  1. To persuade
  2. To inform
  3. To entertain
  4. None of the above
What is one detail you learned from reading "Skunk Alert?"
  1. Skunks are aggressive animals.
  2. Skunks make great pets.
  3. Skunks are shy animals, they will only spray if you bother them.
  4. Dogs like skunks
According to the article, what does a skunk's spray do besides make
a smelly odor?
  1. A skunk's spray can also sting people's or animals' eyes.
  2. A skunk's spray kills other animals.
  3. A skunk's spray helps the skunk find food.
  4. A skunk's spray helps the skunk find shelter.
Skunks are known for spraying foul odors. what does "foul" mean?
  1. nice
  2. sweet
  3. tight
  4. yucky

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