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Writing Skills - Adding Details to Describe

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Writing Skills - Adding Details to Describe Answer Key

Aden is writing a paper about his favorite sport, baseball. He wants to include reasons why he likes baseball better than football. Which sentence BEST shows why he likes baseball better than football.
  1. Baseball is a fun game to play.
  2. One time, I went to a football game with my dad.
  3. Baseball and football both require a lot of energy.
  4. Baseball is cooler than football because you can catch a pop fly.
Julia is writing a story about the birth of her baby sister. She wants to describe what her baby sister looked like. Which sentence BEST describes what Julia's baby sister looked like?
  1. She cried really loudly.
  2. She had tiny fingers and toes.
  3. My dad let me hold her carefully.
  4. My mom wrapped her up in a small blanket.
Heidi is writing about bugs. She wants to describe the different types of bugs that exist. Which sentence BEST describes the different types of bugs?
  1. There are many types of bugs on Earth.
  2. You can find different bugs in your house.
  3. Some bugs live inside and some bugs live outside.
  4. There are bugs that fly, bugs that crawl and bugs that bite.
Mia is writing about a class trip to the zoo. She wants to tell about the tigers she saw. Which sentence BEST tells what the tigers looked like?
  1. I saw tigers on the grass.
  2. I saw four tigers at the zoo.
  3. I saw four large tigers that were white with black stripes.
  4. I saw tigers at the zoo and they were laying on the grass.
Jack is writing about his dad. He wants to describe what his dad does for a living. Which sentence BEST describes the job Jack's dad has?
  1. My dad really likes computers.
  2. My dad works with computers.
  3. My dad knows a lot about computers.
  4. My dad fixes broken computers all day long.
Eshan is writing about a trip her family took. She wants to describe how long the drive was. Which sentence BEST describes the long drive?
  1. We drove for a long time.
  2. We left home early in the morning.
  3. We drove from sunrise until sunset.
  4. We arrived at our camp site after dark.
Jayvesh is writing a story about a dragon. He wants the dragon to seem mean and scary. Which sentence BEST makes the dragon seem mean and scary?
  1. The dragon was big and green.
  2. The dragon answered in a mean voice.
  3. The dragon said, "Grr. I am mean and scary."
  4. The dragon roared and fire came out of his mouth.
Hiran is writing a paper about his teacher. He wants to show that his teacher is helpful. Which sentence best shows that his teacher is helpful?
  1. My teacher's name is Mrs. Calhoun.
  2. My teacher gives us lots of homework.
  3. My teacher shows me how to solve a math problem.
  4. My teacher makes us raise our hands to ask a question.
Vivi is writing a review of a book. She wants other students to know how great the book is. Which sentence BEST shows how great the book is?
  1. This is the best book I have ever read.
  2. There are lots of scary parts in this book.
  3. This book had 200 pages and 15 chapters.
  4. The main characters in this book are in fifth grade.
Kayley is writing a paper about summer. She wants to describe how hot it is in summer. Which sentence BEST describes how hot it is in summer?
  1. In summer, it is very hot.
  2. In summer, I wear short sleeves.
  3. In summer, the pool helps me cool off.
  4. In summer, the temperature reaches 100 degrees.

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