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Charlotte's Web: Chapter 11

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Charlotte's Web: Chapter 11 Answer Key

What did Lurvy notice when he came into the barn?
  1. It was awfully quiet.
  2. Wilbur's trough was empty.
  3. Charlotte's web looked different.
  4. Templeton had built another tunnel.
What message appeared on Charlotte's Web?
  1. Hi!
  2. Some pig!
  3. Salutations!
  4. Wilbur rocks!
How did Lurvy react to the message?
  1. He thought it looked really cool.
  2. He thought he was seeing things.
  3. He thought it was a magnificent web.
  4. He thought Fern was playing a trick on him.
How did Mr. Zuckerman feel when he saw the message?
  1. He was scared.
  2. He was excited.
  3. He thought it was cool.
  4. He thought he was still sleeping.
What did Mr. Zuckerman think the words represented?
  1. a trick
  2. a miracle
  3. a talented spider
  4. an optical illusion
What effect did the words have on how Mr. Zuckerman and Lurvy saw Wilbur?
  1. Mr. Zuckerman liked Wilbur less.
  2. Mr. Zuckerman liked Wilbur more.
  3. Mr. Zuckerman became afraid of Wilbur.
  4. Mr. Zuckerman decided to make Wilbur famous.
What happened when other people learned about the message?
  1. Things went back to normal.
  2. Fern took Wilbur back to her house.
  3. People came from all over to see Wilbur.
  4. Mr. Zuckerman sold Wilbur for a lot of money.
What was the effect of the Zuckermans' giving so much attention to Wilbur?
  1. They became very famous.
  2. They earned a lot of money.
  3. They forgot to take care of the farm.
  4. They started to become jealous of the pig.
What did the minister preach about on Sunday?
  1. the miracle of the web
  2. the miracles that Jesus performed
  3. the healing of the woman at the well
  4. the reasons for showing kindness to others
Why didn't Fern like the barn as much as she used to?
  1. It was lonely.
  2. Wilbur was gone.
  3. It smelled really bad.
  4. There were too many people.

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