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Because of Winn-Dixie: Chapters 19-20

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Because of Winn-Dixie: Chapters 19-20 Answer Key

What did the candy remind Otis of?
  1. jail
  2. music
  3. his mother
  4. the animals
Why did Otis go to jail? (Choose all that apply)
  1. He robbed a bank.
  2. He hit a police officer.
  3. He refused to pay his taxes.
  4. He wouldn't stop playing his guitar.
Why does Otis play music for the animals?
  1. He wants to make them happy.
  2. It brings people into the pet store.
  3. He isn't allowed to play on the street.
  4. The animals asked him to play for them.
What did Sweetie Pie think of the candy?
  1. It was sour.
  2. It was disgusting.
  3. It made her tongue tingly.
  4. It made her feel very happy.
Opal used a simile when she compared thinking about her mother to
  1. a really sad event that happened.
  2. something that makes you feel melancholy.
  3. the fact that everyone in the world feels lonely.
  4. the empty hole you have when you lose a tooth.
How did Gloria Dump react when Opal told her why Otis was arrested?
  1. She laughed.
  2. She became scared.
  3. She was mad at the police.
  4. She thought Opal was lying.
Gloria Dump said that sometimes she thinks the whole world
  1. is going crazy.
  2. has an aching heart.
  3. causes a lot of trouble.
  4. needs to get its act together.
Opal felt bad that Otis couldn't play his guitar. What did she decide to do?
  1. throw a party
  2. talk to the police
  3. buy him a harmonica
  4. record him playing his guitar
Who did Gloria Dump make Opal promise to invite?
  1. Otis
  2. her mother
  3. the preacher
  4. Stevie and Dunlap
What did Opal have to promise Otis to get him to come?
  1. a new guitar
  2. that no police would be there
  3. a week of free sweeping and dusting
  4. that she would introduce him to her friends

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