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Real-Life Reading: Check (Short)

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Real-Life Reading: Check (Short) Answer Key

Use the check below to answer the questions.

Who wrote the check?
  1. $120
  2. Mary Lyons
  3. Acct. 292817
  4. ABC Phone Company
How much is the check written for?
  1. 120.00
  2. 292817
  3. 11/2/2016
  4. 284859027
What does the number 001 represent?
  1. the change due
  2. the amount paid
  3. the account number
  4. the number of the check
What is 235 Oak St.?
  1. the address the check is going to
  2. the address of the account holder
  3. the place where the check was written
  4. the location of the bank where the account is held
Which number is the checking account number?
  1. 0001
  2. 120.00
  3. 292817
  4. 902229843
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