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Sixth Grade (Grade 6) Ancient India Questions

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Grade 6 :: Ancient India by costoltz
Grade 6 :: Ancient India by costoltz
What was NOT a possible reason for the decline of the Harappans?
  1. They used up all of their natural resources.
  2. Harappan farmers tried to raise more and more crops on the same plots.
  3. The Indus River Valley was invaded and the Harappans were killed.
  4. Their river flooded so bad one year that it killed everyone.
Grade 6 :: Ancient India by beacon902
What is the caste system?
  1. the policy of separating from an established church or culture
  2. a form of ceremony associated with a religious procedure
  3. the material and spiritual factors that make a life what it is
  4. a rigid organization of society by levels, or classes, of people
Grade 6 :: Ancient India by beacon902
How did India's river valleys give rise to civilization?
  1. The rivers provided plenty of fish for the people to eat
  2. The weather was warm and comfortable and attracted people
  3. Fertile deltas and monsoon flooding helped form a farming civilization
  4. Nearby mountains protected the people from invaders and warriors
Grade 6 :: Ancient India by beacon902
What was life like in Mohenjo-Daro?
  1. They had excellent schools for children
  2. They enjoyed living in a type of air-conditioning
  3. They lived in pyramids and temples
  4. They had an advanced plumbing system
Grade 6 :: Ancient India by beacon902
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