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Sixth Grade (Grade 6) Atmosphere Questions

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Grade 6 :: Atmosphere by Brigham_Wilson
Which measures air pressure?
  1. Barometer
  2. Thermometer
  3. Anemometer
Grade 6 :: Atmosphere by Doveydl
Grade 6 :: Atmosphere by Doveydl
The eye wall
  1. is the outer layer of a hurricane where there is rain and wind.
  2. is the calm part of the hurricane.
  3. is a brick wall made to protect cities from hurricanes
  4. contains the hurricane's fastest and most violent winds and rain.
Grade 6 :: Atmosphere by Doveydl
A tropical depression is?
  1. Marked by winds of no more than 34 mph and thunderstorms
  2. What a hurricane that is dying out is called
  3. The groove made in the sand after a hurricane has hit
  4. A tropical storm that produces tornadoes and cold rain
Grade 6 :: Atmosphere by Brigham_Wilson
Grade 6 :: Atmosphere by wesleydk
When convection occurs in the atmosphere...
  1. Cold air rises and warm air sinks
  2. Warm air rises, cold air sinks
  3. Warm air rises and cold air rises
  4. Both cold and warm air sink
Grade 6 :: Atmosphere by KMcGregor
What would the following symbol indicate on a weather map?
Symbol - Stationary Front
  1. Cold Front
  2. Warm Front
  3. Occluded Front
  4. Stationary Front
Grade 6 :: Atmosphere by napierta
Grade 6 :: Atmosphere by crunk
The instrument used to measure relative humidity is called
  1. thermometer
  2. barometer
  3. psychrometer
  4. anemometer
Grade 6 :: Atmosphere by VickyCollins1
Grade 6 :: Atmosphere by VickyCollins1
A local wind that blows from an ocean of lake
  1. global wind
  2. thunderstorm
  3. equator
  4. sea breeze
Grade 6 :: Atmosphere by rosalatorre
Using a resource wisely so that it will not be used up is called
  1. filtration
  2. conservation
  3. distillation
  4. coagulation
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