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Ninth Grade (Grade 9) Atmosphere Questions

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Grade 9 Atmosphere
Doppler radar systems are used
  1. to locate storms
  2. to track weather balloons
  3. to determine air temperature
  4. to determine barometric pressure
Grade 9 Atmosphere
Looking at a weather map help you to
  1. Predict weather
  2. See weather station instruments
  3. Look at radar
  4. Find the location of a barometer
Grade 9 Atmosphere
What part of Earth's spheres is composed of a mixture of gases?
  1. atmosphere
  2. biosphere
  3. hydrosphere
  4. geosphere
Grade 9 Atmosphere
Grade 9 Atmosphere
Hurricanes begin as a
  1. tropical depression
  2. tropical disturbance
Grade 9 Atmosphere
The atmosphere
  1. creates the tides.
  2. has not effect on heat gain or loss.
  3. allows heat to escape quickly in order to cool the planet.
  4. keeps heat from escaping too quickly into space.
Grade 9 Atmosphere
Hurricanes are more properly called
  1. tropical disturbances
  2. tropical depressions
  3. tropical cyclones
Grade 9 Atmosphere
The Earth scientist most likely to study storms is a(an)
  1. geologist
  2. meteorologist
  3. oceanographer
  4. astronomer
Grade 9 Atmosphere
The albedo effect of glaciers is vital to the cooling of our atmosphere. The albedo effect is defined as:
  1. the fraction of solar energy reflected from the Earth back into space
  2. the cooling effect of ice on Earth's oceans
  3. the absorption of carbon dioxide by Earth's glaciers
Grade 9 Atmosphere
A Doppler radar map picks up:
  1. heat
  2. wind
  3. precipitation
Grade 9 Atmosphere
Grade 9 Atmosphere
Choose the best description of cirrus clouds.
  1. light, wispy clouds high in the sky
  2. clouds found low to the ground
  3. clouds found on sunny days
  4. storm clouds
Grade 9 Atmosphere
The sequence of the development of a hurricane is
  1. tropical disturbance, tropical depression, tropical storm, hurricane
  2. tropical storm, tropical depression, tropical disturbance, hurricane
  3. tropical depression, tropical disturbance, tropical storm, hurricane
  4. waterspout, tornado, tropical storm, hurricane
Grade 9 Atmosphere
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