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Eighth Grade (Grade 8) Atomic Structure Questions

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Grade 8 Atomic Structure
Particle of the nucleus with no electrical charge
  1. atomic number
  2. isotope
  3. electron
  4. neutron
Grade 8 Atomic Structure
subatomic particle that has a positive charge
  1. electron
  2. neutron
  3. proton
  4. isotope
Grade 8 Atomic Structure
Which statement correctly compares the number of protons in oxygen and carbon?
  1. carbon has 2 more protons than oxygen
  2. oxygen has 2 more protons than carbon
  3. carbon has 4 more protons than oxygen
  4. oxygen has 4 more protons than carbon
Grade 8 Atomic Structure
The mass of a neutron is
  1. about equal to the mass of a proton
  2. much less than the mass of a proton
  3. about equal to the mass of an electron
  4. much less than the mass of an electron
Grade 8 Atomic Structure
What is unique about the number of neutrons in a normal hydrogen atom?
  1. it does not have any neutrons
  2. it has more neutrons than protons
  3. it has an equal number of neutrons and protons
  4. it has an equal number of neutrons and electrons
Grade 8 Atomic Structure
What are the three things inside of an atom?
  1. Blutons, Exxons, and Neutrinos
  2. Protons, Molecules, and Nucleuses
  3. Biosphere, Biome, and Ecosystem
  4. Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons
Grade 8 Atomic Structure
The diagram represents Rutherford's Gold Foil experiment. Which statement is a conclusion that came from this experiment?
Rutherford Atomic Model #1
  1. electrons orbit the nucleus in rings at set distances
  2. the nucleus of an atom is made of protons and neutrons
  3. the probable location of electrons can be predicted using a cloud model
  4. most of an atom is empty space and its mass is concentrated in its center
Grade 8 Atomic Structure
Grade 8 Atomic Structure
Why does the proton determine the identity of an atom?
  1. The number of protons is also the atomic mass.
  2. The number of protons determines chemical properties, such as reactivity.
  3. The number of protons in an atom's nucleus determines an atom's atomic number.
  4. The number of protons decides an atom's name.
Grade 8 Atomic Structure
How do valence electrons affect reactivity?
  1. The less valence electrons there are, the less stable the atom becomes, causing it to react with other atoms.
  2. More valence electrons adds mass to the atom, making it less reactive.
  3. Electrons have a negative charge, so when you add more valence electrons, the overall charge of the atom becomes negative, affecting its reactivity.
  4. Valence electrons don't affect reactivity.
Grade 8 Atomic Structure
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