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None Business Questions

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None Management Information Systems
What term best describes preparing Airmen to succsefuly lead and act in the midst of rapidly evolving environments?
  1. stages of training
  2. cognitive hierarchy
  3. horizon vision document
  4. goal of force development
None Accounting
The party that receives the check.
  1. payor
  2. payee
  3. employer
  4. employee
None Management Information Systems
What outlines the work center description and approved variances for the flights in peacetime?
  1. unit type codes
  2. horzon vision document
  3. airforce manpower standard
  4. manpower force element listsing
None Management
In 1975, a province reduced its personal income tax rate by 2 percent for most tax payers. In 1976 the personal income tax rate for those taxpayers was again reduced by 2 percent. Despite the decreased in the personal income tax rate, the total amount of money collected from personal income taxes remained constant from 1974 tp 1975 and rose substantially in 1976.

Each of the following, if true, could help to resolve the apparent discrepancy described above EXCEPT:
  1. The years 1975 and 1976 were ones in which the province's economy was especially prosperous.
  2. The definition of "personal income" used by the province was widened during 1975 to include income received from personal investments.
  3. The personal income tax rate for the wealthiest individuals in the province rose during 1975 and 1976
  4. The province's total revenue from all taxes increades during both 1975 and 1976
  5. A large number of people from the other provinces moved to the province during 1975 and 1976
None Finance
What is principal?
  1. total amount borrowed
  2. interest earned
  3. service fees
  4. finance charges
None Finance
Buying on the internet has opened new avenues for criminals to steal                        .
  1. bank statements
  2. credit card information
  3. social security checks
  4. billing information
None Marketing
The lack of planning will result in                    
  1. a difficult start
  2. need more help
  3. failure
  4. quick success
  5. none of these above
None Finance
The                is expressed as a percentage.
  1. credit rate
  2. economy rate
  3. interest rate
  4. credit score
None Finance
                 is the part of the purchase paid in cash upfront.
  1. collateral
  2. down payment
  3. earnest money
  4. good faith money
None Marketing
The market represents the                                       
  1. the place where you buy goods
  2. the people that buy goods
  3. open place food exchange to take place
  4. money
  5. none of these above
None Companies and Products
Choose all the apply: 5-hour Energy is available in what flavors?
  1. Berry
  2. Lemon-Lime
  3. Orange
  4. Grape
  5. Pomegrante
  6. Citrus
  7. Strawberry
  8. Vanilla
None Finance
Which is not a cause of bankruptcy?
  1. children
  2. failure to budget
  3. job loss
  4. emotional spending
None Finance
What is the simple interest formula?
  1. I=P+R*T
  2. I=P*R*T
  3. I=R*T/P
  4. I=T+P+R
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